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  Astroart 6.0 languages

Astroart is written in english but supports many other languages. Download here the latest translations. Please contact us to support a new language.

  Astroart 5.0 support

The latest files for Astroart 5:

  Astroart 4.0/3.0 support

Plugins and service packs for Astroart 4.0 are available at the support page.


Download here the demo version of Astroart and some useful updates.

Astroart 6.0 demo version + Camera control 6.01  
This demo version cannot save, but it does not expire and can be used to evaluate Astroart without hurry. Remember to download the driver for your camera at the Camera page.
The integrated Star Atlas and its catalogues (200+ MB) are not included. Camera control works for 60 minutes, then Astroart must be restarted.
  Download (compact version without plate solve, 13 MB) or    
  Download (full version with plate solve, 70 MB)  

Astroart 6 Service Pack 2 - Version 6.0 SP2
For Astroart 6.0. This is the second Service Pack which contains new features and bug fixes.
  Release notes   Download

Extra palettes - Version 1.0
15 color palettes by Mauro Facchini of Cavezzo Observatory. These palettes can also be used in the demo version of Astroart and in the Avis FITS Viewer.

Japanese translation - Version 6.0
The translation file to display all the Astroart User Interface in Japanese. It also work with the demo version of Astroart.
The following downloads are for Astroart 5.

Astroart 5 Service Pack 5 - Version 5.0 SP 5
For Astroart 5.0. This is the final Service Pack which contains both new features and bug fixes.
  Release notes   Download

IP4AP video tutorials - Version 1.0
High quality video tutorials for Astroart by Warren Keller and Peter Proulx.

PDF EBook for Astroart 5 - Version 5.0 SP 3 + CCD 5.30
A PDF version of the Astroart manual, optimized for tablets.
  Forum discussion

Astroart in LAB - (1999 - 2001)
An image processing course from Cavezzo Observatory, the first 3 chapters also work with the demo version of Astroart.

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