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Astroart 6

Astroart 5

Astroart 4

Astroart 3


Astroart 6  (2015)

Service Pack 4 - Version 6.0 SP4
For Astroart 6.0. Several new features and corrections, see "Release notes" below.
  Download   Release notes

Camera Interface 6 - Version 6.01
The last 6.0X version for Astroart 6.  The new version 6.2 is included in the Service Pack 4 above.

RAW images for Astroart 6 - Version 6.10
To open RAW images from DSLR cameras.

German documentation - Version 1.0
CHM Help and PDF manual, available at the Astroart forum from the user Eisvogel48.

Japanese translation - Version 6.0
The translation file to display all the Astroart User Interface in Japanese.

Astroart 5  (2011)

Service Pack 5 - Version 5.0 SP 5
For Astroart 5.0. This is the final Service Pack which contains both new features and bug fixes.
  Download   Release notes  

Camera Interface 5 - Version 5.43
The final version for Astroart 5.

IP4AP video tutorials - Version 1.0
High quality video tutorials for Astroart by Warren Keller and Peter Proulx.

PDF EBook for Astroart 5 - Version 5.0 SP 3 + CCD 5.30
A PDF version of the Astroart manual, optimized for tablets.
  Forum discussion

RAW images for Astroart 5 - Version 5.40
Plugin for opening of RAW images.

Astroart 4  (2006)

Service Pack 3 - Version 4.0 SP 3
This Service Pack corrects some issues in Preprocessing (defect map, hot pixels, out of memory not reported) and adds the features: Save TIFF View 16 bit and Photometry with instrumental magnitude.

Camera Interface 4 - Version 4.61
The final panel for camera and telescope control.

ASCOM driver - Version 1.50
The driver for controlling ASCOM cameras.

DSLR RAW images - Version 5.40
The plugin required to open RAW images from DSLR cameras.

Autofocus for Astroart 4 - Version 1.20
Autofocus and focuser control for Astroart 4 using ASCOM-compatible focusers. Requires the ASCOM platform and the CCD Panel 3.80 or 4.X.

Gradient removal - Version 1.1
A manual filter that corrects vignetting and gradient of the sky background, caused for example by light pollution. It is also possible to create a synthetic flat field from the image.

Astroart 3  (2003)

Service Pack 3 - Version 3.0 SP3
This service pack solves a bug in CMY synthesis and adds the option "Unsigned FITS" to open some incompatible FITS files. FITS are always saved multiple of 2880 bytes.

Camera Interface 3 - Version 3.80
The final panel for camera and telescope control.

Camera drivers - Version 4.20
Plugins for controlling CCD cameras:
  SBIG 4.20        Video 3.50        SXVH 2.80        Lodestar 1.01

GRGB plugin - Version 1.0
Color synthesis for RGB CCDs, like SXV H9C, M8C, SBIG ST2K, Lumenera, etc. Supports batch processing and channel splitting.

Sigma Combine - Version 1.0
Sigma combine is a way of averaging imaging with automatic rejection of bright and dark points, much powerful than the simple median combine, with a better s/n ratio.

RAW digital photos - Version 1.10
This plugin opens the 12 bit raw images saved from digital cameras (Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Kodak, Olympus and many others).

PCFocus - Version 1.1
A plug-in for the motorized focuser "PCFocus", distributed by Adirondack Video Astronomy and True Technology. Copyright(C) 2001 Aquest, Inc.