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  Astroart 4 - updated languages
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  Astroart 3 - updated languages
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  Astroart 4.0 / 3.0 support page

Download here the updates for Astroart 4 and Astroart 3.

Astroart 4 Camera Interface - Version 4.61
The final panel for camera and telescope control.

ASCOM driver - Version 1.50
The driver for controlling ASCOM cameras.

DSLR RAW images - Version 5.40
The plugin required to open RAW images from DSLR cameras.

Autofocus for Astroart 4 - Version 1.20
Autofocus and focuser control for Astroart 4 using ASCOM-compatible focusers. Requires the ASCOM platform and the CCD Panel 3.80 or 4.X.

Gradient removal - Version 1.1
A manual filter that corrects vignetting and gradient of the sky background, caused for example by light pollution. It is also possible to create a synthetic flat field from the image.

Astroart 4 Service Pack 3 - Version 4.0 SP 3
This Service Pack corrects some issues in Preprocessing (defect map, hot pixels, out of memory not reported) and adds the features: Save TIFF View 16 bit and Photometry with instrumental magnitude. The UCAC3 catalog is now supported.
The following downloads are for Astroart 3.

Camera Interface - Version 3.80
The final panel for camera and telescope control.

SBIG driver - Version 4.20
The final driver to command SBIG cameras.

Video driver - Version 3.50
The final driver to command Video cameras.

SXV-H driver - Version 2.80
The final driver to command Starlight-Xpress SXV-H cameras.

Service Pack 3 - Version 3.0 SP3
For Astroart 3.0. This service pack solves the "access violation errors" in MX synthesis and adds the useful option "Unsigned FITS" in Preferences to open some incompatible FITS files.
The option "level" in convolution is now working. FITS are saved multiple of 2880 bytes.

GRGB plugin - Version 1.0
Color synthesis for RGB CCDs, like SXV H9C, M8C, SBIG ST2K, Lumenera, etc. Supports batch processing and channel splitting.

Sigma Combine - Version 1.0
"Sigma combine" on color and b/w images (8, 16, 32, 96 bits). Sigma is a way of averaging imaging with automatic rejection of bright and dark points, much powerful than the simple median combine, with a better s/n ratio.

RAW digital photos - Version 1.10
This plugin opens the 48 bit raw images saved from digital cameras (Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Kodak, Olympus and many others). CR2 and DNG files now supported.

Extra palettes - Version 1.0
15 color palettes by Mauro Facchini of Cavezzo Observatory. These palettes can be used in the demo version of Astroart, in the full version and in the Avis FITS Viewer.

PCFocus - Version 1.1
A plug-in for the motorized focuser "PCFocus", distributed by Adirondack Video Astronomy and True Technology. Copyright(C) 2001 Aquest, Inc.

Skymap driver - Version 1.005
By Al Testani. A special driver for the planetarium SkyMap™ which lets you share a serial port between it and Astroart. Doing so it's possible to use SkyMap to control the telescope and Astroart to autoguide an exposure, connecting just one cable from the PC to the telescope.

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