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New features of Astroart 7

32 and 64 bit
64 bit version for image processing of multi-megapixel images. More information

New features and options for preprocessing. Forum screenshots

Easy creation of sequences for camera control.

Script and star atlas functions to plan your observations.

Gradient removal
User defined control points and creation of syntetic flat field.

Six filters to study comet morphology.

Multiscale highpass
With realtime preview to process planetary and moon images.

Other features

 Profiles can be changed in realtime.
 Blink windows save animated GIFs.
 Blink windows with zoom and panning.
 Bigger preview for image and header in the Open Dialog.
 Compress stars with adaptive option.
 Crop as macro command.
 Automatic coregister for images from different sources.
 Improved autoalignment for trichromy.
 Immediate plate solve without dialog window.
 Palettes can be applied to color images.
 Smart file selection for sequences in Apply Macro and Preprocessing.
 Interpolation for photometry plots.
 Copy to spreadsheets for photometry plots.
 Telescope with calculated altazimuth coordinates.
 Telescope commands for tracking on and off.
 Script new functions for camera and telescope control.
 Script template from sequencer.
 Script template from file list.
 Connection with Aladin web site.
 Star atlas supports the GAIA DR2 catalog.
 Star atlas shows CCD frame for calibrated images.
 Optimize JPEG with comparison to original image.
 Selection of images is easier thanks to a colored frame.
 Optimized 2/3 visualization zoom (66%).
 Option for automatic zoom when opening images.
 Rectangle selection with preview (CTRL+R).
 Rectangle and line selections can be moved in realtime (CTRL+arrows/mouse).
 Improved Configuration, with aperture photometry preview and more.
 Visualization cursors can be moved slowly clicking the right mouse button.
 Numeric fields can be changed quickly with CTRL+mouse wheel.
 Option to remember the last used folder.
 Option for big fonts in status bars.
 Option for desktop brightness. 
 Several minor bug fixes.

------------ Features added in Service Pack 1 -------------

 On calibrated images, marker for the sun direction.
 Photometry with B-V range using the UCAC4 catalog.
 Stock darkframe correction for the guider camera.
 Camera imaging and stack in realtime, for "live" sessions.
 Centering via platesolve with option for the zone size.
 Autoguide in slit mode with user shifts of 0.1 pixels.

------------ Features added in Service Pack 2 -------------

 ASCOM rotators.
 Full-frame autofocus.
 Script commands for controlling PHD guiding.
 Focuser temperature can be used as ambient temperature.
 ------------ Features added in Service Pack 3 -------------

 Canon CR3 file format.
 Separation and position angle from any star pair.
 New options and statistics for autoguide.
 Focuser position can be saved in the FITS header.
 ------------ Features added in Service Pack 4 -------------

 Full-frame autoguide on multiple stars.
 Syncronization between two sessions for sequences.
 Focusing with the Bahtinov mask.
 Focusing with a spectrum reference line.
 ------------ Features added in Service Pack 5 -------------

 Full-frame autoguide for spectrographs.
 Several options for active optics.
 Airmass can be saved in the FITS header.
 Option for "software binning" 2x2 for all cameras.
 ------------ Features added in Service Pack 6 -------------

 Remove gradient adaptive with parameter.
 Cut borders for images downloaded from the camera.
 Normalization for all methods of image stacking.
 Script commands for domes.