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Under control

All numerical data and results in Astroart can be easily accessed and verified, using an intuitive user interface.

From a single pixel to a list of objects, everything is under control for reliable astrometry and photometry.

Plate solving

Astroart contains a precise and extremely fast plate solving engine, to assign coordinates to an image.
Plate solving
This can be also used with telescopes, to automatic center an object after a "GOTO", even when the object is outside the field of view.


Several filters (MCM, RW, rotational gradient) can be used to study faint structures and jets inside comets.

These filters are performed with realtime preview, to easily find the best parameters.


Astroart includes a complete mask layer. Masks are used to analyze a part of the image, or to apply a filter only on that part.

Masks can be created using a Formula (for example: all pixels below a constant) or using the mouse, just like in graphic programs.

Astrometry and photometry

The astrometric and photometric calibration was the main feature of Astroart since version 1.0. It is assisted by a star atlas which supports all major catalogs.
Since 1998 many amateur astronomers have used Astroart for astrometry and photometry of minor planets and variable stars.

The star atlas

Optimized for millions of stars and minor planets, it can explore the fields in realtime (all stars, up to 21° magnitude and half million minor planets).

Star atlas   Star atlas

For every star it's shown the maximum error of position and magnitude. Planning your observations is also easy and intuitive.

MPC reports

After measuring RA, DEC. and magnitude of minor planets or comets, a correctly formatted report should be sent to the MPC.
MPC reports
Astroart automatically creates a correct report from your measures.


Annotations are figures and label placed over the image, on an separated layer.
MPC reports
They are saved as Comments in the FITS Header, so they are not lost even if you process the image with other software. They can be shared and edited with the free AvisFV FITS viewer.

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