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  Astrometry and photometry

The astrometric and photometric calibration was the main feature of Astroart since version 1.0. It is assisted by a integrated star atlas (18 Million stars, up to 15° mag) based on the GSC catalog. The UCAC 2/3/4 and the USNO A/B catalogs are also supported (all stars up to 21° mag).


With just a few mouse clicks it's possible to assign the reference stars of the image, for the subsequent reduction. Since 1998 many amateur astronomers have used Astroart for astrometry and photometry of minor planets and variable stars.

  MPC reports

After measuring RA, DEC. and magnitude of minor planets or comets, a correctly formatted report should be sent to the MPC.

MPC reports

Astroart automatically creates a correct report from your measures, saving you a lot of precious time.

  The star atlas

This is a very fast star atlas optimized for millions of stars. On a standard PC (2 Ghz) it can explore the star fields at 20 frames per second using the GSC/UCAC/USNO together (all stars, up to 21° magnitude) For every star it's included the maximum error of position and magnitude.

Star atlas

All minor planets are calculated and displayed from the MPCORB catalog in a fraction of a second, will a precision better than one arcsecond. The atlas can be used rotated by any angle to easily compare a photographed zone.

  Plate solving

Astroart contains a precise and fast plate solving engine, to assign astronomical coordinates to an image automatically.

Plate solving

This feature can be used also with telescopes, to automatic center an object after a GOTO, also when the object is outside the field of view.

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