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Selected content

Selected articles and scripts from the new Astroart forum.


Download here the latest translations. Please contact us to support a new language.

German, French, Spanish and Italian are already included in Astroart 8.

Previous versions

The downloads for Astroart 7, 6, 5, 4 and 3 are available at the support page.



Demo version - Version 8.0 SP1

For Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP. Also compatible with WINE for image processing.

The demo version cannot save, but it does not expire and lets you evaluate Astroart without hurry.
The following camera plugins are included: ASCOM, Canon™ DSLR, Starlight-Xpress™ Trius "H"/SXVH and Lodestar. For other cameras please download the plugin at the Camera page. Camera control works for 60 minutes then Astroart must be restarted. The star atlas is not included.
The 64 bit versions (LAA and 64) can be found in the Start menu of Windows.

Download              New features of Astroart 8

Service Pack 1 - Version 8.0 SP1

For Astroart 8 (full version). This first upgrade includes several new features and corrections, see "Release notes" below.

Download              Release notes

Extra palettes - Version 1.0

15 color palettes by Mauro Facchini of Cavezzo Observatory. These palettes can also be used in the demo version of Astroart and in the Avis FITS Viewer.


StarNet plugin - Version 2.0

For Astroart 8/7/6 (full version). StarNet 2.0 is a software for removing stars using artificial intelligence. For more information see the StarNet github page and web site.


Software Development Kit - Version 7.0

This SDK allows to write your own image filters, camera and telescope drivers, and to control Astroart from other software.

Includes complete documentation and several examples written with: Visual C++, Visual C#, Visual Basic, CodeBlocks GCC, C++ Builder, Delphi, Lazarus.

Download SDK

Plugins made on request:
  • Distance between points
    Distance in any unit of measurement, mainly for terrestrial images.   Download
  • Stripes corrector
    A filter to correct faint stripes, a sample image is included.   Download
Plugins published by Astroart users:
  • Tom Van den Eede plug-in suite
    By Tom Van den Eede. White balance, FOV Calculator, Deinterlace, etc.   Download
  • Verb Interface
    By Patrick Mergan. An interface for the autoguide port of telescopes.   Download
  • Coma deconvolution
    By Dr. Robert Vanderbei. Deconvolution for coma and field curvature.   Link
  • Deinterlace
    By Dr. Robert Vanderbei. A filter which corrects interlaced images.   Link
  • Watch dog
    By Mauro Facchini. To monitor a folder and automatically open new images.   Download