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Since no telescope can track a lunar photography, to increase the signal to noise ratio it is necessary to take many images and then sum them.


But every image will be probably shifted and a software auto-alignment is then compulsory. The lunar image on the right is the sum of 9 frames.


Astroart fully supports RGB and CMY tri-colour imaging as well as LRGB and LCMY, with standard L*A*B color conversion.


This example shows the benefits of using a fourth frame (luminance). Bad tracking and noise in the color frames don't affect the sharpness of the final image.


This is a simple example of a processing on some frames of Jupiter taken with a video-camera.


The best 25 frames are summed together to increase the signal/noise ratio, then a high-pass filter was applied. The profile graphs confirms the improvement. (Courtesy M. Facchini, Cavezzo Observatory, MPC 107).

  Common pictures

With Astroart it is possible to apply the most powerful filters like Deconvolution and FFT to your own photos.

Common images

Working with 96 bits (32 for every R,G,B channel) it is possible to correct better the defects and to balance accurately the colors.

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