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  Image analysis

File import
FITS (.fit, .fts, .fits) 8, 16, 32 bit, (integer and floating point); PNG-FITS (PNG with FITS header stored inside). Hi-SIS and Audine 16 bit (.pic); SBIG 8, 16 bit; Starlight XPress 12, 16 bit; PixCel 255-237 16 bit; Cookbook 12 bit (.pix, .p1-3, .pa-b); Lynxx 12 bit (.ccd, .lnx); Electrim 8 bit (.elm, .tif); TIFF 8, 16 bit (.tif) gray levels, not compressed; TIFF 24,48 bit (16 bit x 3 colors), TARGA 8, 16 bit (.tga) gray levels; BMP and JPEG, ASCII 8, 16, 32 bit (.txt); GENERIC FORMAT with custom size (up to 20000x20000 pixels), data types (8, 16, 32 bit integer and floating point; signed, unsigned, PC or MAC).

File export
FITS 8, 16, 32 bit and color; PNG 8,16,24,48 bit. ASCII 32 bit; RAW 32 bit; TIFF 8, 16; TGA (256 gray levels); BMP, JPEG 24 bit colors. Print with options for orientation and scaling.

Analysis tools
HISTOGRAM: linear, logarithmic and exponential transfer functions with fine tuning of BRIGHTNESS, CONTRAST, LOW AND HIGH THRESHOLDS. PALETTES: gray scale, negative, saw-tooth rainbow, flame, jazz or fully customizable. ZOOM WINDOW in real time with functions of photometry, auto-contrast, palette and printing. 3D WINDOW in real time with change of point of view. STATISTIC WINDOW of the whole image or a selected area. ISOPHOTES with user defined steps and thresholds. PROFILE WINDOWS with functions of zoom, printing and exporting to file. BLINK of 2 images with auto alignment. BLINK of 3 images. Night visualization. FFT transform and inverse transform, to analyze and correct a periodic noise on the image.

Photometry and astrometry
STARS WINDOW with automatic DETECTION of stellar objects (selectable FWHM and S/N) and automatic PSF integration: all the objects are catalogued in an interactive data-sheet with X and Y position of centroids, intensity in ADU, FWHM on X and Y axes, S/N ratio, RA, DEC. ASTROMETRIC and PHOTOMETRIC CALIBRATION based on one (or more) of the Star Atlas catalogues: (GSC, USNO SA1.0, SA2.0, A2.0, B1.0 via internet, UCAC2): all catalogue data, like position and magnitude are editable for your own correction, estimation of measuring errors. Measure of angular separation, APERTURE PHOTOMETRY, measure of brightness both in ADU and in magnitude; automatic background detection or user defined. Automatic compilation of a MPC REPORT (Minor Planet Center) correctly formatted. WCS (World Coordinate System): reading and/or writing of the FITS keyword based on this standard astrometric system. Easy and safe EDITING of FITS HEADER like a text file. MPCORB minor planets.

  Image processing

LOW-PASS FILTERS (light, medium, heavy, Gauss, FFT, adaptive) HIGH-PASS FILTERS (light, medium, heavy, optimal FFT, adaptive) UNSHARP MASK (with user-defined sigma e coefficient), DEBLOOMING filter, AVERAGE and MEDIAN on a customizable matrix of coefficients, removal of hot and cold pixels, DDP. CONVOLUTION FILTERS (up to 15x15 matrix) and calculation of the PSF. DECONVOLUTION of MAXIMUM ENTROPY, WIENER, VAN CITTERT and RICHARDSON-LUCY. Contour filters, SOBEL, PREWITT, FREEMAN, KIRSH, GRADIENT, LARSON-SEKANINA for comets.

Math functions
SUM, SUBTRACT, DIVIDE, MULTIPLY, MINIMUM, MAXIMUM, DISTANCE, AVERAGE, MERGE (fully customizable, i.e to perform DDP processing), ADD OFFSET, PEDESTAL, MULTIPLY or DIVIDE by a coefficient, CLIP minimum and maximum. User-defined Formula.

Image editing
Functions of UNDO, COPY (whole image or a selection) and PASTE (as a new image or into selection). CREATE new images (artificial images) with the possibility to insert statistical and gaussian noise with a given sigma. SELECTION of pixels and rectangular areas. EDITOR of pixels in real time. DUPLICATE of an image, FLIP horizontal, vertical or both. Automatic ALIGN of images using centroids (for star fields) or correlation (for the moon), automatic for planets. Sub-pixel precision. ROTATE, Sub-pixel SHIFT of the image. RESIZE: bilinear and bicubic. DIGITAL BINNING (2x2 and 3x3). Trasformation of coordinates: from POLAR TO RECTANGULAR and RECTANGULAR to POLAR. COREGISTER of two images of the same image but with different magnification and/or rotation of field. REPAIR of columns and rows. Average or median BINNING on X and Y axes for spectroscopic applications. Background NORMALIZATION with a reference image. Automatic DARK FRAME OPTIMIZATION with different temperatures and/or time exposures.

User-defined MACRO COMMANDS with simple drag & drop to process many images at the same time. Fully customizable PREPROCESSING: sum or average of images, automatic or manual ALIGNMENT, correction for dark-frame and flat using sets of images. TRICHROMY with LRGB and LCMY. Integrated STAR ATLAS with 15 millions GSC stars. MPCORB asteroids and comets. The same atlas can read other CD-ROM catalogues like USNO and UCAC. HIGH SPEED (USNO A2.0 display in real time), printing of high quality sky maps. Supports PLUG-INS, with free SDK and technical support. CCD control also available as plug-ins. Telescope control.

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