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  Software development kit

Version 5
This SDK (software development kit) makes possible to write your own image filters, CCD drivers, telescope drivers and to control Astroart 6.0 and 5.0 from other software.


Includes complete documentation and several examples written with:

  1. Visual C++
  2. Visual C#
  3. Visual Basic
  4. CodeBlocks GCC
  5. C++ Builder/Delphi
  6. Lazarus
  Astroart 4.0/3.0

SDK 4.0/3.0
The previous version of the SDK is available here: AA_SDK4.zip

The plug-ins developed for these versions of Astroart are still available at:

  Astroart 4.0
  Astroart 3.0
  Astroart 2.0

A "plug-in" is an external module (DLL) that extends an application. Since they are designed for astronomical imaging, these plug-ins are usually image filters or file loaders.

RAW images for Astroart 6 - Version 6.10
For Astroart 6.0. This update supports new DSLR cameras.

RAW images for Astroart 5 - Version 5.40
The final plugin for Astroart 5, released on July 2015.
The following plugins were developed by Astroart users:

Tom Van den Eede plug-in suite - Version 1.0
By Tom Van den Eede. White balance, FOV Calculator, Deinterlace, etc.

Auto Balance + Verb Interface - Version 1.0
By Patrick Mergan. A plugin to automatically balance the colors of an image. The zip archive contains also the description of a new interface (VERB interface) to connect a PC to the ST-4 input (autoguide input) of any telescope.

DSS Viewer - Version 1.01
Digital Sky Survey viewer. The plug-in works as a client for the program "HNS_Real" by Han Kleijn, available at: www.hnsky.org/hns_real.htm.

Deconvolution - Version 1.0
By Dr. Robert Vanderbei. A Richardson-Lucy deconvolution filter which uses a PSF that varies from place to place in the image. The plugin can be used to correct the effects of coma and field curvature.

De-Interlace - Version 1.0
y Dr. Robert Vanderbei. An automatic filter which corrects interlaced images (affected by horizontal stripes). Very useful for MX cameras.

De-Interlace2- Version 2.0
A filter that corrects vignetting and gradient of the sky background, caused for example by light pollution. It is also possible to create a synthetic flat field from the image.

Watch dog - Version 1.00
By Mauro Facchini. The Watch Dog monitors a directory (also remote) and imports into Astroart any new file that is written. This is very useful to interface Astroart with other CCD software, also from networks.

Fractals & FOV calculator - Version 1.0
By Steve Hill. Two tools to synthesize fractals (Mandelbrot) and to calculate the field of view of a given CCD/Telescope.

Chris Icough's filters - Version 1.9
By Chris Icough. Artificial Flat Field, Smart Star Bloat Filter, VBE Removal.

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