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  Software development kit

Version 7
This SDK (software development kit) makes possible to write your own image filters, CCD drivers, telescope drivers and to control Astroart 7/6/5 from other software.


Includes complete documentation and several examples written with:

  1. Visual C++
  2. Visual C#
  3. Visual Basic
  4. CodeBlocks GCC
  5. C++ Builder/Delphi
  6. Lazarus
  Astroart 5/4/3/2

The previous version of the SDK is available here: AA_SDK4.zip

The plug-ins developed for these versions of Astroart are still available at:

  Astroart 5.0
  Astroart 4.0
  Astroart 3.0
  Astroart 2.0

A "plug-in" is an external module (DLL) that extends an application. Since they are designed for astronomical imaging, these plug-ins are usually image filters or file loaders.

RAW images for Astroart 6 - Version 6.10
For Astroart 6.0. This update supports new DSLR cameras.

Camera Interface for Astroart 6 - Version 6.01
The last 6.0X version for Astroart 6.  The new version 6.2 is included in Service Pack 4.
  The following plugins were developed by Astroart users:

Tom Van den Eede plug-in suite - Version 1.0
By Tom Van den Eede. White balance, FOV Calculator, Deinterlace, etc.

Auto Balance + Verb Interface - Version 1.0
By Patrick Mergan. A plugin to automatically balance the colors of an image. The zip archive contains also the description of a new interface (VERB interface) to connect a PC to the ST-4 input (autoguide input) of any telescope.

DSS Viewer - Version 1.01
Digital Sky Survey viewer. The plug-in works as a client for the program "HNS_Real" by Han Kleijn, available at: www.hnsky.org/hns_real.htm.

Deconvolution - Version 1.0
By Dr. Robert Vanderbei. A Richardson-Lucy deconvolution filter which uses a PSF that varies from place to place in the image. The plugin can be used to correct the effects of coma and field curvature.

De-Interlace - Version 1.0
y Dr. Robert Vanderbei. An automatic filter which corrects interlaced images (affected by horizontal stripes). Very useful for MX cameras.

De-Interlace2- Version 2.0
A filter that corrects vignetting and gradient of the sky background, caused for example by light pollution. It is also possible to create a synthetic flat field from the image.

Watch dog - Version 1.00
By Mauro Facchini. The Watch Dog monitors a directory (also remote) and imports into Astroart any new file that is written. This is very useful to interface Astroart with other CCD software, also from networks.

Fractals & FOV calculator - Version 1.0
By Steve Hill. Two tools to synthesize fractals (Mandelbrot) and to calculate the field of view of a given CCD/Telescope.

Chris Icough's filters - Version 1.9
By Chris Icough. Artificial Flat Field, Smart Star Bloat Filter, VBE Removal.

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